Triple extract biostimulant combining the powers of seaweed, phosphite and humic acids.


SeaPhos is a liquid biostimulant that combines the powerful biostimulating action of our high quality seaweed extract with balanced phosphite and humic acids. SeaPhos utilizes Biotechnica’s in-house expertise in biostimulant technology and formulation to combine these three biostimulants in a stable and balanced product.

Benefits of SeaPhos

Seaweed extracts contain plant growth stimulants such as cytokinins, auxins and gibberellins and as well as vitamins and trace elements. They have been used for many years to promote vigorous, healthy and full-flavoured crops.

Phosphite is a plant-available form of phosphorous; a macronutrient that contributes to energy conversion and plant health. They are particularly useful in promoting a strong healthy root system.

Humic acids act as a buffer for nutrients, retaining them in the root zone and making them more biologically available to the plant.

How to Apply SeaPhos

SeaPhos may be used at planting or as a foliar spray during crop development.


At planting: 2L/ha diluted in water and applied in the furrow with the seed. This is to increase tuber numbers and yield.

Foliar spray: 2L/ha at tuber initiation followed by a further 2L/ha at bulking. This is to provide energy to boost yield.

Field vegetables

Apply 2.5 litres/ha at 4-8 leaf stage.

Small fruit trees

Use 250ml per 100 litre water. Apply to run-off. Apply late winter prior to flowering, repeat in autumn on mature fruit.

Mature fruit trees

Apply 50ml in 12 litres water per tree. Apply to run-off. Apply late winter prior to flowering, repeat in autumn on mature fruit.


Apply 3 litres/ha applied at peak growth and repeat after 14 days.


Apply 2 litres/ha in early season plus 3.5 litres/ha mid-season to give good coverage.

Consult safety and technical data sheets above for further details.

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