Organic plant growth biostimulant, wetting agent, and emulsifier.

SapoNite is a powdered plant extract containing active plant saponins which act as natural emulsifiers and wetting agents.

Benefits of SapoNite

SapoNite improves water and nutrient intake, and the speed and success of seed germination. SapoNite enhances imbibition in seeds and then acts as a metabolic stimulant to trigger germination.

How to apply SapoNite

Seed dressing

Large seeds such as cereals: use 0.25-0.5Kg/tonne.

Small vegetable and flower seeds: 0.5-1.0Kg/tonne.

SapoNitemay be tumbled with slightly pre-moistened seed to give a good overall covering. It may also be mixed with other seed coating products and incorporated into clay based commercial seed coatings. Do not use any process that requires temperatures above 35°C.

Wetting agent

Peat/fibre for growing media: 100g/m3.


SapoNite can irritate the nasal lining and cause sneezing. It is therefore advisable to wear a dust mask when handling this product. Also wear suitable protective clothing, including gloves and eye/face protection. Consult Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for further information.

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