Quite simply the complete biostimulant product

Mycortex contains a range of specially selected microbial and extract-based biostimulants. These are then combined with a carrier specifically chosen for your particular application method, which itself also acts as a food source for the microbes.

Benefits of Mycortex

    • Stimulation and promotion of root growth
    • Improved plant nutrition (especially in adverse conditions)
    • Nitrogen fixation
    • Improved disease resistance
    • Enhanced stress resistance (environmental, soil and toxic stress).
    • An increase in soil microbes
    • Improved soil quality and structure

Mycortex contains

Mycorrhizal fungi: Beneficial fungi that live in partnership with plant roots, providing nutrition and protection. Free-living fungi: Naturally occurring fungi that help protect against pathogens and stress and degrade organic matter. Beneficial bacteria: Over 20 beneficial species and strains that help the plant collect mineral nutrients and build a healthy soil. Humates Extracts of organic matter that make nutrients biologically available. Humates are also powerful root growth stimulants. Saponins: Natural plant extract that promotes biological activity, particularly in soils low in organic content where they stimulate root development and boost the soil microbial population. Microbial feedstock: Balanced amino acids and complex carbohydrates which sustain the growth of the beneficial microbes during plant establishment.

Application protocols

How to apply Mycortex

Incorporate into the soil at planting. Apply at 10kg/ha.

See technical data sheet for application rates for containers, turf and trees.

Also available in dispersible and root dip form.

Organic cultivation

Mycortex is approved for use in organic cultivation by the Organic Farmers and Growers Association.

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