Plant Biostimulany and microbial activator

BioHumate is a liquid blend of biologically active ingredients, which together exert a positive effect on the whole growth cycle of arable and horticultural crops. It improves soil conditions and in particular promotes the activity of beneficial bacteria and fungi including mycorrhizae. This leads to an improved soil structure and encourages the symbiotic relationship between plants and their associated microbial species.

Benefits of BioHumate

    • Increased nutrient absorption
    • Increased cation exchange capacity
    • Reduction in nutrient leaching
    • Increased stress tolerance and plant vigour
    • Seeds dressed with BioHumate show improved germination rates
    • Root growth is stimulated and more robust top growth is produced when soil is treated with BioHumate or when sprayed after emergence. A healthy plant with a strong root system not only makes more use of available nutrients but also exhibits better disease resistance
    • The efficiency and uptake of applied chemicals (pesticides and fertilizers) is also improved when BioHumate is used. As a result, BioHumate application allows for reductions in inputs.

How to apply BioHumate

For best results apply 3L/ha before sowing.

A further 3L/ha should be applied alongside fertilizer treatment at the post-emergence stage and a further 3L/ha one month later.

For soils with very low organic matter levels (1.5% or less) use 8L/ha on the first application.

Consult safety and technical data sheets above for further details.

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