Biamino AM3

Balanced range of amino acids in a fully soluble powder.


Foliar applications of amino acids can markedly improve plant growth and health.

Biamino AM3 is a highly concentrated source of L-amino acids, which are biologically available and extracted from a natural source.

Benefits of Biamino AM3

    • Strong and sustainable vegetative growth
    • Increased crop yield and quality
    • Improved resistance to environmental stresses
    • Enhanced disease resistance
    • Increased Brix levels in fruit crops.

How to apply Biamino AM3

Apply 150g/ha every 10–14 days during growing season. Biamino AM3 can be used in combination with pesticide sprays. Dissolve in sufficient water to get good leaf coverage and spray until run off.

Follow handling, storage and transportation procedures as outlined in the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

Consult safety and technical data sheets above for further details.


No known incompatibilities, but Biotechnica cannot predict or guarantee mix success for any product. Always conduct a bucket test to confirm compatibility.

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