BactoLife DP104

Unique consortium of beneficial bacteria and fungi

A soluble powder containing a selected range of beneficial bacterial and fungal species. BactoLife DP104 establishes a population of beneficial microorganisms around the plant, boosting nutrition and providing protection against stress. Use of Bactolife DP104 can enable a reduction in the use of chemical inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides.

Why choose BactoLife DP104?

    • Unlike many other microbial products, BactoLife DP104 is not based on a 'single strain'. We use a consortium of beneficial microbes (both bacterial and fungal). With so many different soils types and with unpredictable growing conditions, it is unlikely that a single strain of microbe developed from one specific soil will be the best for your soil.
    • The microbes in BactoLife DP104 are known to work together to fix nitrogen, solubilize phosphorus and sulphur, capture water and breakdown organic matter, among many other beneficial modes of action.
    • BactoLife DP104 acts in a similar manner to ‘compost teas’/‘bio-brews’, but with the added peace of mind that the microbial species and consistency of the product is controlled.
    • BactoLife DP104 also includes a microbial feedstock so that the microbes start metabolising and repopulating the soil around the plant as soon as the product is added.

How to apply BactoLife DP104

Apply 0.5kg/ha for soil treatment at pre-sowing or at planting (potatoes/woody crops). The dosage should be higher in soils where the biology is likely to have been degraded.

Apply 0.25-0.5 kg/ha for subsequent foliar applications.

BactoLife DP104 can also be brewed to produce an activated form. See the technical data sheet above for full instructions.

Consult safety and technical data sheets above for further details.

Organic cultivation

Bactolife DP104 is approved for use in organic cultivation by the Organic Farmers and Growers Association.

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