BactoLife AZ

BactoLife AZ contains a specially selected bacterial consortium that act as nitrogen fixers taking nitrogen from the air and making it available for plant nutrition. Additional supportive microbes aid the activity of the nitrogen-fixing bacteria and promote their colonization of the root zone.

Benefits of BactoLife AZ

    • Increased nitrogen levels in plants and soil
    • Improved nitrogen use efficiency of fertilized soils
    • The different strains of nitrogen-fixing bacteria in Bactolife AZ will suit different soils. If you were to purchase a product that has been optimized for one particular soil type, it may not suit your growing conditions.


In addition to nitrogen fixation, the microbes in BactoLife AZ will also assist with:

    • Digestion of organic matter so it is in a form accessible to plants
    • Improving soil structure by producing organic glues that bind soil crumbs.
    • Producing natural plant growth stimulants (auxins etc.)
    • Promoting germination and root development
    • Solubilizing key nutrients; particularly phosphates and potassium.

How to apply BactoLife AZ

Apply 0.25-0.5kg/ha as a soil treatment at pre-sowing or at planting (potatoes/woody crops). Further applications can be made through the growing season at the same rate.

BactoLife AZ can also be brewed to produce an activated form. See the technical data sheet above for full instructions.

Consult safety and technical data sheets above for further details.

Organic cultivation

BactoLife AZ is approved for use in organic cultivation by the Organic Farmers and Growers Association.

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