Liquid soil flocculent and unique ultra-fine colloidal suplhur source.

A unique formulation that improves both the nutritional status of the plant, and the structure and chemistry of the soil. In addition to being a biologically available source of sulphur, calcium and nitrogen, BioSulphur also repairs soil damaged by compaction and the over-supply of fertilizers. BioSulphur can also act to correct soil pH issues, bringing soils at both extremes of acidity and alkalinity back to a more neutral pH.

Benefits of BioSulphur

Corrects in-crop nutrient deficiencies

Sulphur is an essential plant nutrient and a deficiency prevents the correct uptake of nitrogen and the building of proteins. BioSulphur makes sulphur readily available to the plant. As pollution levels have fallen in recent decades, sulphur deficiencies have become far more common.

Improves soil structure and chemistry

BioSulphur aids the flocculation of soils which is required to form a desirable crumb structure. The unique chemistry in BioSulphur can also help with correct nutrient deficiencies caused by over-liming.

Balances soil pH

BioSulphur selectively releases either sulphides (to correct alkalinity) or calcium/ammonium (to correct acidity) according to the conditions it encounters and adjusts the pH towards neutral.

How to apply BioSulphur

BioSulphur can be applied as both a soil drench and a foliar spray.

For soil conditioning

Apply as a soil drench at 20-40 litres / ha in 300 litres of water. Apply with PanBuster at 1.2 litres / ha to aid the improvement in soil structure.

For correcting in-crop sulphur deficiency

Apply as a foliar spray at 2–3 litres/ha diluted in 200L of water to given good coverage of the foliage.

Consult safety and technical data sheets above for further details.

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