Biologically available silicon for plant growth and resilience


BioSilicate is a unique liquid silicon product that delivers silicon nutrition in a form that is stable and rapidly absorbed by plants.

Improved silicon nutrition

Silicon is not considered an ‘essential’ plant nutrient as it is not required for primary growth. However, plants use silicon in order to fight off a range of stresses; both abiotic (environmental) and biotic (pests and diseases).

While silicon is one of the most abundant chemical elements in any soil, the vast majority is locked up and not available to plants. Therefore addition of BioSilicate to crops can have a dramatically positive effect on growth and health.

Benefits of BioSilicate

For cereal crops and turf:

    • Stronger stalks and stems reducing lodging
    • Better photosynthesis from extended leaves and extra chlorophyll
    • Reduced heat and drought stress
    • Better resistance to fungal pathogens
    • Better resistance to sucking insects such as aphids
    • Improved resistance to high salts or toxins.

For fruit and vegetable crops you will find many of the above effects, plus:

    • Fruits stay longer on the plant and build more sugars
    • Fruit and vegetables have a longer shelf life and fewer second grade specimens
    • Fruits are tastier and less likely to split even after freezing.

How to apply BioSilicate

Foliar applications

Apply 0.35 litre / ha diluted into 600-700 litres of water. Add a suitable wetter (e.g. PanBuster) at manufacturers recommended levels.


Apply 0.5 litre / 1000 litres of water at each watering.

For specific crop protocols contact Biotechnica directly.

See technical and safety data sheets above for full details on application protocols and handling.

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