Unique soil wetter with anionic properties

PanBuster is a unique product that greatly improves water infiltration and movement down through the soil profile. It frees or exchanges bound hydrogen allowing the colloidal particles to move freely creating micro pores, permitting water to gravitate downwards below the compaction zone. This results in improved structure and reduced waterlogging.

Why choose PanBuster?

Benefits of PanBuster

    • Breaks up compacted hard pans and clods
    • Improves hydraulic conductivity and water infiltration
    • Minimizes soil erosion and water run off
    • Accelerates drainage of floodwaters
    • Reduces soil shear strength; i.e. less mechanical power required to penetrate or till the soil.
    • When used to ‘wash’ soils PanBuster can allow toxins to drain from the topsoil.
    • Free-draining soils allow for improved root system development, and longer-term control of weeds that thrive in waterlogged conditions (e.g. black grass).

How to apply PanBuster

Apply at 880mL/ha in spring and autumn. Add to 100L of water (half or more of a sprayer tank), mix carefully to avoid excessive foaming, and then add an addition 100L of water.

Spring: apply PanBuster on to ploughed land which is going to be drilled or planted, or apply to seedbeds after drilling or planting.

Autumn: Apply PanBuster in the autumn on seedbeds before or after drilling. It can also be applied to stubble to be ploughed in later.

This product is intended for professional agricultural and horticultural use only.

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