Organic wetter and anti-stress agent


BioFlow is a natural plant extract that acts as a wetter. It improves water spread and penetration, and so alleviates stress conditions. BioFlow is also a natural biostimulant, increasing biological activity in the soil and stimulating plant growth and development.

Benefits of BioFlow

Because it is a natural wetter BioFlow can be used as a foliar spray or through irrigation to:

    • Improve water and fertilizer penetration
    • Soften hard, compacted soils
    • Reduce surface tension of foliar sprays
    • Improve uptake of foliar feeds and trace elements
    • Improve performance of pesticides
    • Improve seed germination
    • Rapidly establish transplants.

BioFlow is particularly useful in helping plants to recover from stress conditions such as:

    • Transplanting and transport shock
    • Insufficient water availability through poor penetration or excess percolation
    • High alkalinity or acidity
    • Poor availability or quality of nutrients
    • Temperature extremes
    • Drought

How to apply BioFlow

Foliar Application: As a spreader/sticker add 100mL per 100 litres of spray solution.

Water and Fertilizer penetration: Mix or meter into fertilizer solution or into first irrigation water to give 1.5L/ha. Repeat up to twice more in poor soil conditions.

Drip Irrigation: Meter into water to obtain 50ppm continuous dosing.

We cannot predict or guarantee tank mix success for any product; always conduct a bucket test to confirm compatibility.

Consult safety and technical data sheets above for further details on application and handling.

Organic cultivation

Bioflow is approved for use in organic cultivation by the Organic Farmers and Growers Association.

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