Soil washing

Biotechnica have developed a unique soil washing system to solubilize toxic contaminants and wash these deeper into the soil below the root zone. Such contaminants include heavy metals (e.g. aluminium) and toxic elements (e.g. sodium).

The process involves applying the following Biotechnica products:


An anionic surfactant that ‘makes water wetter’ and takes it down further into the soil together with water-soluble matter.

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Solubilizes accumulated salts to enable removal via washing. It also corrects non-optimal soil pH.

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Chelates and balances nutrients, reduces the availability of heavy metals.

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The washing protocol

Use 1.2L/ha of PanBuster and 20L/ha of BioSulphur in at least 1000 litres of water. Follow this with irrigation using as much water as possible over the following 1-2 weeks.
Check contaminants in the root zone.
If satisfactory apply 10L/ha BioHumate to re-balance the soil and fertilise as normal.
If contamination remains repeat the washing cycle.

Biological repopulation

Once the structural issues of the soil have been addressed through soil washing, it is ready to receive a microbial population that could not have been sustained in its previous state. Biotechnica have developed BactoLife DP104 for this purpose. BactoLife DP104 is a consortium of beneficial bacteria and fungi. We believe a consortium-based approach is far better than applying a product based on a single strain because:
o    It is unlikely that any one strain will be the best for your crop/soil.
o    Microbes are now known to work together and perform beneficial functions they cannot do on their own.
o    You will get a multitude of different beneficial effects from having multiple species added to your soil.

BactoLife DP104 should be applied at 0.5kg/ha. The dosage should be higher in soils where the biology has likely to have been degraded; such as from sterilization, fungicide treatment, extremes of pH or flooding.
For perennial crops Biotechnica have BioRoote, which contains a consortium of mycorrhizal fungi that will form connect with the roots and aid nutrient absorption and protect against disease and stresses.
Nutrient addition
The improved soil health, nutrient uptake and availability that will be obtained from soil washing and microbial repopulation will reduce the need for chemical inputs. However, this will need to be complimented with fertilizers that aid the action of the biological inputs below. This includes fertilizers that feed microbes and the avoidance of those known to kill/harm soil life. Biotechnica’s technical team have many years’ experience testing the compatibility of fertilizers with soil microbes, and we are happy to advise you or your agronomist on such matters.


The agricultural community and scientists are increasingly aware that for some farming inputs the effects seen go beyond those that can be explained by their simple nutrient content. This includes some traditional products, such as seaweed extract, but also includes new microbial products and plant extract. Products termed ‘biostimulants’ induce physiological responses such as improved fruit retention, stimulation of beneficial microbes, encouragement of a strong root system to develop and increasing the plant's own ability to tolerate environmental stresses and diseases. Biotechnica have a long history in producing seaweed extracts (Algaflex), and have developed other extract based biostimulants including; BioHumate, Amino Acid AM3, and SeaPhos.

Plant protection

The bioAgronomy programme is compatible with Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Furthermore a successful IPM programme should minimise pesticide applications that could be toxic to beneficial soil microbes in many Biotechnica products. The beneficial microbes in BactoLife DP104 are not pesticidal, but act by protective modes to make plants less susceptible to pests and diseases. We also advise the regular use of BioSilicate to make plant more tolerant to pests, diseases and environmental stresses.

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