a novel farming system that develops a functioning bio-active soil

In addition to their performance as stand alone products, Biotechnica has developed its biological products into the BioAgronomy farming system that can rejuvinate soils degraded by harmful farming practices. While it uses environmentally sound principles and based on cutting-edge science, its core aim is to increase crop yields in a sustainable manner. 

Why BioAgronomy?

BioAgronomy is a new way of crop production, which will permit high levels of return and generate produce with reduced levels of chemical inputs all of which are desirable for the producer the retailer and the consumer.
The economics of crop production dictate that inputs must have a value, which is reflected in yield. Therefore consideration of the soil’s biological activity and its adjustment by biological inputs will be of value in economic terms, if it allows for reduced use of chemicals.
Biotechnica’s technical team have developed the BioAgronomy programme for over 15 years. This has been refined as new products have been developed. At the core of the programme is the soil washing and microbial repopulation to correct poor soil structure and deficits in biological activity respectively. As with all good farming system, BioAgronomy begins with a soil testing to assess the current situation.

Soil testing

A detailed soil analysis is used to reveal organic content and biological activity together with nutrient availability and any lock up due to pH. Adjustments are then using the steps below. We have trusted 3rd party laboratories that will analyse your soil for these variables, which are often lacking from conventional soil tests that focus primarily on chemical variables. The Biotechnical technical team will then use the results to advise you of the steps you then need to follow. Unless you have been following a sustainable farming protocol for a number of years, it is likely you will need to complete five key steps in the BioAgronomy programme:
•    Soil washing
•    Microbial repopulation
•    Nutrient addition
•    Biostimulation
•    Plant protection

About Soil Washing

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